Delicatessen - Our brand ‘Tari Tari’

Our award winning artisanal products are certified by the Malta Crafts Council.

Malta Sunripe’s brand promise and guarantee is that all our products are genuinely Maltese - made only from fresh locally grown produce - originating from the village of Mġarr and the local agricultural community. All our products are 100% free from preservatives.


Wild Maltese Capers - grown in the wild and hand picked, wild capers make a perfect addition to salads, fish and bruschetta.

Aubergines - Malta Sunripe is proud to bring back this old recipe of aubergine grigliati, flavoured with garlic cloves, basil and vinegar.

Pickled Zucchini - reviving another traditional recipe the zucchini are pickled with a variety of herbs and spices. The resulting sweet and distinctive taste makes this product an ideal addition to any platter.

Artichoke Hearts - an old Maltese variety is cultivated to make this product. Cooked to perfection and preserved with selected ingredients. Can be served both hot or cold.

Wild Carob Syrup - A hallmark of local tradition, the syrup is derived from wild carobs from the valleys in Mġarr. Traditionally used to make sweets and desserts and widely used as an effective remedy for cough.

Maltese Honey - harvested 3 times a year, Maltese honey carries the flavour of wild thyme, carob tree flowers and wild clover. A perfect addition to marinades and sweet dishes.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - a speciality from the local olive groves, available in 250ml and 500ml.

Maltese Peppered Cheeselets - a quintessentially Maltese product, peppered cheeselets are made from sheep milk at local farms.

Chilli Sauce - made from 100% pure locally grown chilli, a little is sufficient to add a spicy kick to your sauces, broths and soups.

Maltese Olives - preserved to perfection for unlimited use, crushed olives are spiced with dried garlic and preserved in oil.

Maltese Pickled Onions - a perfect appetiser with fresh bread and olive oil.

Sundried Tomatoes - naturally dried Maltese flat tomatoes derive their distinctive sweetness from calcium-rich soil and the Mediterranean climate.

Sundried Tomatoes Pesto - made from our naturally sun-dried tomatoes. Add to your chicken or pasta dishes, as well as dips.

Peach Wedges in Syrup - can be enjoyed with ice cream, custards, cakes or perfectly on their own.

Jams & Marmalades

Fig Jam - perfect for those special treats and ice cream or just for croissant filling and toast.

Peach Jam - a true taste of the Maltese summer for your bakes and cakes.

Strawberry Jam - homemade in limited quantities from fresh strawberries grown in Mġarr.

Apricot Jam - more local summer fruits packed into this signature product.

Seville Orange Marmalade and Lemon Marmalade - manually processed in small batches, our marmalades are preserved using a traditional hot immersion bath.

Wines & Liqueurs

Our quality farmers home made wines are produced from grapes of the indigenous Maltese Ġellewża and Girgentina varieties, hand picked from vineyards in Binġemma, Tas-Santi, and Mġarr Valley.

Ġellewża (red wine) and Girgentina (white wine)

Lemon Liqueur
Lemon juice, pure vodka and a little sugar - ideal after-dinner liqueur.