Malta Sunripe offers the opportunity to experience the unique character of Maltese agriculture while journeying to the heart of this tradition in the village of Mġarr in Malta. We are two farming families and together with the local agricultural community, our visitors take part in an authentic contemporary tradition.

Unlike our neighbouring Mediterranean countries and mainland Europe, Maltese farming is characterised by relatively smaller fields. In conjunction with our climate and calcium-rich soils this has been a defining feature in the evolution of contemporary Maltese agriculture. On our tours, guests will experience first hand how Maltese farmers have successfully adapted their methods to these unique challenges in the past and present to deliver a high quality product.

Tours vary between 3 and 5 hours, subject to our visitors’ requirements. All audio-visual material is available in 11 languages: Maltese, English, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Danish, Japanese and Dutch.

Highlights of your visit include:

  • Site visits to farmers’ holdings and fields in Mġarr Valley
  • Tour of the Malta Sunripe Facilities – showcasing the making of our delicatessen products
  • The Maltese Agriculture Experience – documentary viewing available in 11 languages
  • Wine Canteen – showcasing the production of the indigenous Ġellewża and Girgentina farmers’ wine varieties
  • Delicatessen and Wine Tasting Session
  • Optional Farmers’ Lunch (subject to pre-booking)

Among the farmers’ holdings visited on our tours are:

  • Wine Canteen (All year)
  • Typical Outdoor Farming Fields (All year)
  • Greenhouse Visit – August – May
  • Maltese Fruit Farm – July – September