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Lemon Liqueur 500 ml


Our lemon liqueur is made from ripe lemons, their juice and zest. When the fruit is worked, it is put down in vodka to ferment for the requested period. Then it is strained and mixed with water and sugar. Lemon liqueur is an after-dinner digestive, best served chilled.

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Orange Liqueur 500 ml


The sweet taste of Maltese oranges gives this Tari-Tari liqueur a lingering fruity taste.Drink straight or use to favour cake or white chocolate mousse

Pomegranate Liqueur


This liqueur is produced in October when the fruit is ripened at it’s peak. The pods are separated and crushed by hand so that the alcohol penetrates so we achieve the desired infusion. The pods are mixed with vodka, cinnamon and lemon peels and are left to ferment for 3 weeks. After straining a syrup is added and the liqueur is left to age.

Prickly Pear Liqueur 500 ml


Our prickly pear liqueur is produced in summer, where the fruit is ripened at its best. When the pears are picked, the tough outer skin with its needles is removed and they are put down in vodka to ferment for the requested period. The fruits are then passed from a pass-pure’ to extract the maximum flavour and to remove their seeds. Then they are mixed to a syrup made from water and sugar. This flavourful liqueur makes an exciting drink, and can be mixed with various cocktails like margaritas.