Strawberry Jam 314 ml


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Strawberry jam is produce in limited quantities, is truly home-made and free from preservatives. It’s long shelf life provided by sugar, freshly squeezed lemon juice and immersion in a hot water bath. Each jar contains 200g of fresh strawberries. Enjoy it with ice-cream, toasted bread or as a sponge sandwich filling.


5 reviews for Strawberry Jam 314 ml

  1. Olivia Theobald Vella

    I was given this as a gift when I was in Malta last and it is delicious. Top quality produce and the proof is in the taste. Highly recommended.

  2. Doreen Bunch

    I’ve been making my own strawberry jam for many years. A jar of Malta sun ripe jam was given to me at Xmas and I’ve just opened it. I have to say it’s just as good as mine. Well done! Delicious 😉

  3. Roberta Curmi



    superb and very delicious I recomend these products


    Absoluyly delicious. I recommendem .

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