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Apricot Jam 212 ml


Maltese apricots are the taste of sun! This jam is prepared with the least possible sugar content to maintain it’s real flavour with no additives or preservatives. Can be used as a spread over toast or sponges.

Artichoke Hearts 314 ml


So much care and dedication has been needed to create this unique Maltese artichoke hearts product which entitles continuing care. Cooked to perfection and preserved with selected ingredients. Eat them straight away, or on pizza, or even added to a salad to make a very rich one.

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Artichoke Hearts Pate 314 ml


After removing the outer leaves, this artichoke heart pate is made purely from boiled artichoke hearts in water and vinegar, where lemon juice and bayleaves are added. It is then worked into a paste by adding sufficient vegetable oil. This genuine product can be used with pasta or as a dip with water biscuits.

Aubergines 314 ml


This old recipe is made using Maltese-grown aubergines. The delicacy of this product is an appreciation of the genuinity and customs of our ancestors. This product can be consumed as finger food or as an appetizer. This unique product makes a perfect addition to salads or fresh bread with olive oil and fresh sundried tomatoes.

Chilli Sauce 314 ml


Sauce made from locally grown chilli peppers. You can really experiment with a genuine product like this. Made from 100 percent pure chilli, using a little is sufficient to add a spicy taste to your sauces, broths or soups.

Farmers Red Wine 750 ml


A quality Red wine produced from locally grown grapes of the indigenous Maltese Gellewza variety, hand picked from vineyards in Bingemma hamlet limits of Mgarr.

Farmers White Wine 750 ml


A quality white wine produced from locally grown grapes of the indigenous Maltese Girgentina variety, hand picked from vineyards in the Santi valley limits of Mgarr

Fig Jam 212 ml


Locally grown figs give this jam its unique taste. In order to maintain original flavors the sugar content is kept at a minimum with no additional preservatives. It can be enjoyed with toast or added to vanilla ice-cream and other treats, namely as a croissant filling.