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Pomegranate Liqueur


This liqueur is produced in October when the fruit is ripened at it’s peak. The pods are separated and crushed by hand so that the alcohol penetrates so we achieve the desired infusion. The pods are mixed with vodka, cinnamon and lemon peels and are left to ferment for 3 weeks. After straining a syrup is added and the liqueur is left to age.

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Preserved Peach Wedges 580 ml


Our ancestors found practical ways of preserving peach natural flavours for longer. In the absence of other treats, peach wedges were the perfect dessert for large families. Can be enjoyed on their own, with ice-cream, custards or gateaux.

Prickly Pear Jam 212 ml


Many welcomed this new addition to our line of jams and marmalades. Prickly pears grow in abundance in a climate like ours, however, they can be quite difficult to harvest due to the shape of their tree and their thorns. This jam holds a very low content of sugar, and a pass-pure’ is used to eliminate all the seeds. The turnout of the jam can be pale green, or red, depending on the colour of the pear.

Prickly Pear Liqueur 500 ml


Our prickly pear liqueur is produced in summer, where the fruit is ripened at its best. When the pears are picked, the tough outer skin with its needles is removed and they are put down in vodka to ferment for the requested period. The fruits are then passed from a pass-pure’ to extract the maximum flavour and to remove their seeds. Then they are mixed to a syrup made from water and sugar. This flavourful liqueur makes an exciting drink, and can be mixed with various cocktails like margaritas.

Seville Orange Marmalade 314 ml


These locally grown Seville oranges are processed manually and no artificial pectin or gelling agents are added. Produced in small batches, the long shelf life is provided by sugar, the acidity of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a traditional hot water bath. Try it with toast, cakes and sponges.

Strawberry Jam 314 ml


Strawberry jam is produce in limited quantities, is truly home-made and free from preservatives. It’s long shelf life provided by sugar, freshly squeezed lemon juice and immersion in a hot water bath. Each jar contains 200g of fresh strawberries. Enjoy it with ice-cream, toasted bread or as a sponge sandwich filling.

Sundried Tomatoes 314 ml


Our Sundried Tomatoes are a guarantee of the distinctive taste that only the sweet Maltese tomato can produce. The genre used is the typical Maltese flat tomato. The calcium rich soils and the Mediterranean climate forge the sweetness of the Maltese tomatoes which are unique in taste and quality. We use 1.2 kg of fresh tomatoes to produce a jar of 314ml

Sweet Pickled Zucchini 314 ml


Malta Sunripe Co. Ltd is proud to revive this long forgotten recipe. As the zucchini are pickled with a variety of herbs, they aquire a very sweet and distinctive taste. Pickled zucchini can be eaten as finger food or appetizers, added to salads or with fresh bread.

Tomato Relish


Visitors to The island always comment on the delectable taste of our tomatoes. a simple recipe using fresh tomatoes grown by our farmers mixed with a creative selection of herbs and spices.

Wild Carob Syrup 314 ml


This traditional syrup is derived from Maltese wild carob. The carob is mostly collected from valleys in Mgarr, Malta. Since old times, carob syrup has been used to make sweets, with desserts and most of all an effective natural remedy against cough. This product is genuinely Maltese.